Good morning! Our eggs are free range and our fruit is Australian grown. 

Slow Porridge (served fast)

- Banana & Honey

- Raspberry & Maple

Double Smoked Bacon & Free-range Egg Muffin

Grilled Haloumi & Free-range Egg Muffin

Breakfast Burrito

Smashed Avocado & Feta on Turkish

Yoghurt Parfaits

Our yoghurt is made from local cows milk not powder!(fruit subject to seasonality)

- Freshly cut Mango

- Fresh Strawberry

- Deluxe Muesli (GF)

Raspberry Chia & Coconut Pot 

Coconut Power Porridge (vegan)


Our artisan bread is stone-baked, wholegrain and sour dough. 

Superfoods Salad Sandwich

10 different veggies with colours from the rainbow with quinoa, homemade veg hummus and dry roasted Australian almonds (VE)

Free-range Egg Sandwich

Free-range eggs mixed with whole egg mayo and quinoa paired with lots of crunchy lettuce (V)

Corned Beef Ploughman

Queensland Corned Beef, Swiss Cheese, Ploughman's Slaw & Mustard Pickles. 


Our slimline baguettes are stone baked by our local baker the old fashioned way. 

Ham off the Bone Baguette

Shaved Australian Ham, double smoked with a market fresh salad and dijon mayo. 

Salami & Pickle Baguette

Locally made, traditionally cured salami, perfectly paired with deliciously sharp pickles and Swiss cheese. 


Our meats are from whole primal cuts which means they are

not pumped, processed or extended. 

Roasted Sesame Chicken Wrap

Slow roasted free-range chicken, with our own creamy roasted sesame ‘slaw.

Lemon Haloumi Wrap

Grilled local artisan haloumi,  with a lemony quinoa mix, caramelised onion jam, fresh rocket & roasted Australian almonds. [V] 

Smoky Aioli Chicken Wrap

Slow cooked free-range chicken breast with our own smoky aioli, cucumber, rocket & spinach.


Bang Bang Chicken Salad

Slow roasted free range chicken breast, Asian slaw & mint salad, roasted peanuts & sesame Szechuan sauce.  

Superfoods Side Salad

Super low on calories. Super high in nutrition! 10 different veggies with rainbow colours with a sweet Asian dressing. [VE, GF]

Tasmanian Salmon Salad

Smoked salmon on our Superfoods Salad with a sweet Asian dressing. [GF] 

Persian Feta Salad

Premium Persian Feta with a lemony quinoa tabbouleh, roasted cauli on a bed of fresh rocket and baby spinach, topped with roasted Australian almonds and pepitas. [V, GF]

Chicken, Pumpkin & Pine Nut Salad

Slow cooked free range chicken, roasted pumpkin on an ancient grain salad, topped with roasted pine nuts and honey balsamic vinaigrette. 



Smoky Beef Burrito

Slow cooked Australian pulled beef, black bean salsa, quinoa, rice and cheese.

Pulled Pork Burrito

Slow cooked Australian pulled pork, chipolte mayo, black bean salsa, quinoa, rice and cheese.

Hot Falafel Wrap

Wholesome falafels, vegan mayonnaise,

hummus, black bean salsa, quinoa and

mountain rice.

Greek Lamb Wrap

Slow cooked Australian Lamb, crumbled feta, fresh rosemary & mint, tomato, cucumber & rice salad + cheese.


Butter Chicken

Full flavoured mild curry without the guilt. Served with quinoa and rice mix. [GF]

Nutritious Nachos Snack

A celebration of whole foods - beans, corn salsa, mountain rice, quinoa with a delicious cheesy sauce.


Spaghetti Meatballs 

Australian beef meatballs and spaghetti in a wholesome tomato Napoli sauce with Grana Padano cheese.


Choc Oats Cookie

Macadamia & Fig Cookie

Sesame ANZAC Cookie

BlackMarket Brownie (GF)

Queensland Banana Bread (VE)

Honey Nut Triangle


Carrots & Housemade Hummus [VE, GF]

Watermelon & Mint

Smoked Almonds

Dark Chocolate Blueberries [VE, GF]

Tasmanian Salmon Dip w' Wholegrain Crackers

Edadame Guacamole w' Wholegrain Crackers

Cheese & Wholegrain Crackers



Our specialty coffee is 100% Arabica, organic & locally roasted.





soy, extra shot, decaf, almond milk, chai, lactose free, syrups, hot chocolate.


Choose from a range of cold pressed juices, sparkling juices, waters and our own cold brew coffee.


We are licensed and offer a range of boutique beers, wine and ciders.